Malaga to Seville: Your Detailed Transport Guide (2023)

Are you exploring Southern Spain and need to get from Málaga to Seville, easily and without hassle?

This article has everything you need to know to plan your Málaga to Seville trip, including some practical local tips to save you time and money.

Malaga to Seville: Your Detailed Transport Guide (1)

If you’re staying in Malaga on Costa del Sol, you probably want to venture out a little bit for some day trips, and Seville is the perfect place just for that.

The capital of the autonomous district of Andalusia is a true gem for any traveler, and thanks to the distance and connections to Malaga also an easy travel option. Seville is rich in history and cultural heritage, and even with a day trip, you can explore its highlights like the Royal Alcazar, Setas de Sevilla, Seville Cathedral and of course Plaza de Espana. Check the end of the article for more details on all these historic sights.

No matter if you want to rent a car or not, getting from Malaga to Seville is not just easy, but also affordable. Here is everything you need to know to plan your trip easily and without hassle.

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The Distance from Malaga to Seville

The distance between Malaga and Seville is approximately 200 km.

Malaga to Seville Travel Connections

Here are your options for getting from Malaga to Seville:

  • The fastest option: train from Malaga to Seville (alternatively car, but getting through the city makes the journey longer + finding parking space also takes time)
  • Cheapest option: by bus – almost the same time as the train, and half the price
  • From Malaga Airport: by train – take a train to Malaga Maria Zambrano – only a couple of stops – and get a direct travel connection from there.
Malaga to Seville: Your Detailed Transport Guide (2)

1. Taxi from Malaga to Seville

Taxi from Malaga to Seville according to the quotes online will be around 200 euros, depending on where you’re leaving from and where you are being dropped off.

Here are a few taxi companies where you can ask for a quote online by filling in a form. Please note I have no personal experience with these.

Taxi Mercedes Malaga

(Video) Taking the Train in Spain for Beginners - RENFE

Taxi Malaga Grand Confort

Malaga Airport Taxi

For the same price, you might consider renting a car for a few days instead, which will work out cheaper and you get to see more.

2. Train from Malaga to Seville

There is a regular train connection between Malaga and Seville, with high-speed trains that I have used myself.

The train from Malaga to Seville is run by the national Renfe network. It is the one with the most connections and the best one to use – there are roughly 8 to 10 connections per day, with the earliest departure before 7 am and the latest one around 8 pm.

The ticket prices for the train from Malaga to Seville start from just under 20 euros one way, per person. Cheap train tickets are available on most days, but fares vary depending on the season, departure date, and train time.

The travel time is between 2 hours and 3 hours long, so you have faster and slower connection trains. The trains are direct, and no changes are needed.

The trains from Malaga to Seville leave from Malaga Maria Zambrano station and arrive at Sevilla Santa Justa (be careful with the spelling when you search for tickets – you have to use the Spanish name of Sevilla, not Seville).

Malaga to Seville: Your Detailed Transport Guide (3)

Where to buy train tickets?

You can buy your train tickets in advance online – that way you get the best price. Head over to the renfe website and put in your destination and dates. The site is also available in English or you can translate it in your browser.

What to do at the train station?

If you have spare time in Malaga, there is plenty to do in the station itself. The train station has lots of clothing shops, restaurants, cafes and even a big supermarket. Right at the center is a kiosk with magazines and books, with a small selection also in the English language.

Facilities on the trains to Seville

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The trains are quite modern and well equipped with food service being offered on the longer journeys and also a restaurant coach available. The trains have modern toilets and good luggage storage facilities.

There is also a wifi connection and access to electricity sockets should you need to charge your laptop on the way.

What are the security measures at the station?

As you arrive in Malaga Maria Zambrano, you can head straight to the gates which are located in the middle section of the station. Right in front of it is a security scan where you place your luggage for scanning and pass through the airport-style security gate.

After that, they will check your tickets at the booth by the entrance to the platform and you’re free to board the train.

Malaga to Seville: Your Detailed Transport Guide (4)

Train Stations in Malaga

The trains to Seville leave from Maria Zambrano train station, which is the biggest station in Malaga.

It is a well-equipped station with restaurants, shops, cafes and everything else you might think of for a journey with a train. If you cross the street from the station you will find the main bus station adjacent right next to it.

There is a decent size taxi rank outside the train station, so you won’t struggle to get a taxi if you’re arriving here.

Train Station in Seville

The trains arrive at Sevilla Santa Justa, which is a similar size train station to the one in Malaga, but with not as many facilities as you would find in Malaga.

You won’t find a big selection of restaurants, but there are a few souvenir shops, cafe and basic station facilities.

3. By Car Malaga to Seville

Travel options from Malaga to Seville include two basic routes:

The first one goes through the North, passing Antequera and Osuna on the way, while the second one goes from the south and is slightly longer.

The journey as you can see from the map will take between 2 hrs 15 mins u to 2 hrs 45 minutes depending on which route you opt for.

(Video) 48 hours in Seville, Spain - The Ultimate City Guide

The journey between the cities is around 200 kilometers long.

Malaga to Seville: Your Detailed Transport Guide (5)

4. By Bus from Malaga to Seville

Bus tickets from Malaga to Seville start at around 8 euros per person, one way – which is the cheapest way to get to Seville without renting a car.

This type of connection is of course slower than a train – on average the journey takes between 2.45 hrs and 3.15 hrs.

You can buy the tickets online at Alsa where you will see also the different departure options and prices. You can also book your seats here.

Seville Experiences and Guided Tours

Here is a selection of some highlights you can experience while staying in Seville.

Frequent Questions about the Route

How far is from Malaga to Seville?

The distance between Malaga and Seville is roughly 200 kilometers.

How much does the train ticket cost from Malaga to Seville?

The train tickets start from 20 euros one way per person, but the price varies a lot depending on the season, day of the week and time of the train departure. If you check online at Renfe website you will see all the different pricing options for different days and times of the day to pick a price that works best for you.

How to get from Malaga airport to Seville?

If you need to get from Malaga airport to Seville, you can take a train to the Malaga Maria Zambrano station, which is only a couple of stops. From there you will get direct train departures to Seville between 8 – 10 times a day. The average journey takes 2 or 3 hours, depending on whether you take the faster or the slower connection.

How long is the journey from Malaga to Seville?

The fastest connection is probably by train, which is just two hours direct connections. If you travel by a car, it also takes roughly two hours but you need to account for the traffic both in Malaga and Seville and the time needed to find parking for the car.

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Where can I get a train from Malaga to Seville?

The trains to Seville depart from Malaga Maria Zambrano station, which is the main biggest station in Malaga.

Is Seville worth a visit as a day trip?

It is definitely worth visiting for a day trip, however, taking into account that the journey by a train takes 2 hours, you might want to leave with the first available train around 7am and come back for the last connection departing around 8pm, to ensure you have enough time to see Seville.

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